Is The Chi returning for season 6? (2023)

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Is The Chi season 6 over?

The Chi season 6 is set to premiere in 2023, though an exact date has not been announced yet.

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Is Fatima on The Chi?

Who is Fatima on The Chi season 5? Showtime describes the character Fatima as "a local journalist who wants the best for her neighborhood and isn't afraid to hold politicians' feet to the fire to get the truth." This in itself is a red flag for viewers.

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Did The Chi get cancelled?

Showtime's stay in The Chi will continue for another year. The premium cabler has renewed The Chi, created by Lena Waithe, for a sixth season. The pickup comes a couple weeks ahead of the show's season five finale, which will hit Showtime's streaming platforms on Sept.

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Is The Chi ending?

Five seasons in, the coming-of-age drama set in the South Side of Chicago remains a strong performer, with Season 5 on pace to set a new record for the series in streaming, growing that audience by over 20% from last season. Produced entirely in Chicago by 20th Television, The Chi will return for Season 6 in 2023.

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Why did Brendan leave The Chi?

Brandon won't be seen on “The Chi” this season because the actor who played him, Jason Mitchell (pictured on an episode last year), was fired amid misconduct allegations.

Why did Andrea leave The Chi?

“I left the show, hoping chances would be made to create a better workplace for everyone involved. […] I dishonored myself by staying in a situation that I knew wasn't aligned with who I am or who I want to become.”

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Who is Trigs girlfriend in The Chi?

Played by Jasmine Davis

Trig's loving girlfriend Imani is ride-or-die for her man, but will stand up to him when she feels he is wrong. She has a good heart and is happy to help people who need it, including aiding Trig in getting custody of Jake.

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Is deja from The Chi a man?

Before 'The Chi,' Jasmine Davis admits she hid her trans status. Davis was acting in small roles before getting her breakout role on The Chi. But The Chi marks the first trans role she played. She actually considers it her coming out moment of sorts as she previously hid her truth.

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Are Kev and Keisha from The Chi related?

Their characters are decidedly different. Kevin, who shows more academic potential than his pals and likes to flirt, lives with his mother, Nina, her wife, Dre, and his sister, Keisha.

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Why was Reg written off The Chi?

So the actor who played Reggie on The Chi left the show because he didn't want to play a character who is in a relationship with a trans woman?

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What should I watch after The Chi?

The Corner, like The Chi, tells a story of crime and drama. The Corner is an HBO-drama based on David Simon and Ed Burns' non-fiction - The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood. The miniseries adaptation won the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries in 2000.

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Is The Chi on hiatus?

Good news fans, The Chi has officially been renewed for season 6.

Is The Chi returning for season 6? (2023)
Is episode 10 the season finale of The Chi?

The Chi Season 5 September 4, 2022 Episode 10 Is The Finale. Season 6 Is Happening - IMDb.

Why isn t Imani on The Chi?

along this journey. In April 2022, Jasmine Davis announced via Twitter that she has quit the Showtime series and will not be returning for the fifth season. Her tweet suggested that her exit from the series was due to Disney's involvement in the production, as reported by TVLine.

Will Keisha be found on The Chi?

After weeks spent in her kidnapper's basement, Kiesha finally finds freedom in Sunday's episode.

Why did Amani leave The Chi?

Actress Jasmine Davis—a key player on The Chi has exited the series over a possible dispute with a vaccine record, according to Page Six. The trans actress has tweeted that she exited the show because she had to leave “that very toxic environment.”

Who replaced Brandon on The Chi?

'The Chi': Lena Waithe Replaced Brandon With Lala Anthony's Character, Dom. Share: [SPOILER ALERT: Spoiler ahead for 'The Chi' Season 3 Episode 2.] Due to the firing of Jason Mitchell, his character, Brandon, was killed off in the third season.

Is Reg coming back to the Chi?

Reg dies during the season 2 finale. Singer Luke James joins in season 3 as Trig, Reg and Jake's eldest brother. Trig returns for answers regarding Reg's murder and is seeking to win back custody of Jake. It's revealed that his love interest is a transgender woman, Imani (Davis).

Who is Jason's dad The Chi?

Tracy and Quentin's horrific connection is revealed and it turns out Quentin is Jason's father. This doesn't really change Quentin's place as a villain in the show and most viewers had already guessed this reveal was on the way.

Who is douda to trig?

Douda started a war with his on-screen nemesis — Trig (played by Luke James) — the day he murdered his brother, Reg. Douda then took custody of Reg and Trig's youngest sibling, Jake. He later relinquished his rights as Jake's adopted father, however, his beef with Trig didn't end there.

Who did Kevin's mom marry on The Chi?

Season 3 premiere of The Chi opens with Kevin's mom getting married to a new character, Dre, on the same day as Brandon's funeral.

Who is Omari in The Chi?

Cedric Mays: Omari Dresden.

Who is tiffs new boyfriend in The Chi?

NBA champ Iman Shumpert recently got into acting, making appearances in Lena Waithe's Twenties and The Chi. After guest starring in a couple of episodes of The Chi Season 4, he returned for season 5 with a feature role as Rob Lafayette, Tiffany's drug dealer, and boyfriend.

Who is Rafiq in The Chi?

Lonnie Rashid Lynn (stage name Common) is an American rapper, actor, executive producer and writer. He is an executive producer on the Showtime coming-of-age original series The Chi. He also portrays Rafiq.

How many kids does Emmet have The Chi?

EMMETT TAKES THE CHALLENGE |Emmett has all three of his sons staying with him, which keeps him very busy.

Who kidnapped Keisha in The Chi?

At the beginning of season 3, Omari kidnaps and locks Kiesha in his basement. While punishing Kiesha for trying to escape, he tells her she is like a girl he had a crush on who began dressing "slutty" and "sleeping around," although he couldn't save her, he could save Kiesha.

Is Kev related to Stan?

Personal life and post-basketball career. Love married in 1986. He is the father of NBA champion Kevin Love, currently a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Is trig and Reg the same person on The Chi?

Trig grew up on the south side of Chicago, 63rd and Yates, with his younger brothers, Reg and Jake.

How was Brandon written off The Chi?

Brandon's last scene on The Chi came at the end of season 2 when he agreed to assist police in their investigation into Otis “Douda” Perry. The show decided to kill him off after actor Jason Mitchell (Brandon) was fired amid his sexual harassment scandal, which he denied on The Breakfast Club.

Who killed Trice on The Chi?

In the finale of season one, Jake watched as his brother, Reg (played by Barton Fitzpatrick), killed Trice (Tosin Morohunfola).

Is the chi similar to the wire?

She emphasized that a major difference between the two is that “The Wire” is more intricate, focused on many parts of the system, including law enforcement and those who are policed. “The Chi” purposely focuses more on the policed, she wrote, adding that the cops in the show are viewers' least favorite aspect.

Who is the new cast member on The Chi?

EXCLUSIVE: Showtime is expanding its cast for The Chi, with the addition of Nia Jervier (Dear White People) and Carolyn Michelle Smith (House of Cards) who will take on recurring roles for the series' upcoming fifth season.

How old is Gemma on The Chi?

The American actress is 21 years old as of 2022.

Why wasn t The Chi on Showtime?

Showtime's popular drama series, The Chi and City on a Hill, won't be airing their scheduled episodes this Sunday. According to Paramount Press Express, both episodes of the shows are being preempted and will return to the network on Friday, August 26, 2022.

What happens on episode 10 of The Chi?

Emmett & Tiff forge a new path as Tiff grows closer to Rob. Kevin finds love where he least expects it, Jake & Jemma navigate life as a couple and Papa still knows how to get into trouble. Jada looks at life post-cancer and Trig considers a political run.

What happens in Episode 9 of The Chi?

Tiff opens up to Rob. Kevin is confronted by his parents after they find a shocking discovery. Jake and Papa's friendship is tested. Jada and Darnell make plans, while Douda makes a fateful decision.

How many episodes are in the last season of The Chi?

Episodes (10)

Emmett's struggles with co-parenting.

Did Brandon leave The Chi?

There will no return for the actor after being fired from the Showtime drama for sexual misconduct. Jason Mitchell's character in The Chi is no more! The Showtime drama announced that it would be killing off Brandon, the character played by the disgraced actor, when the show returns for its third season.

Who shot Douda?

The 63rd Street Mob head then met up with the guy he hired to kill Reg, only for someone to show up and murder him. The shooter, Trig, is Reg's older brother and wants custody of Jake, as their mother signed the teenager over to Douda. The media could not be played.

Who gets custody of Jake The Chi?

(We understand why she told Roselyn she didn't want to win that way, but c'mon!) Douda also misses Jake's hearing, so the judge awarded custody of the boy to Trig and Imani.

Who is Burgundy Baker?

Birgundi Angel Baker is an American actress, singer and dancer best known for playing Kiesha in the Showtime series The Chi (2018). She portrayed Lizzy Jackson in the first season of Heathers.

Was episode 10 of The Chi the season finale?

The Chi Season 5 September 4, 2022 Episode 10 Is The Finale. Season 6 Is Happening - IMDb.

Is The Chi cancelled 2022?

8/19/22 update: The Chi has been renewed for a sixth season by Showtime.

Why did they change the girlfriend on The Chi?

In April 2022, Jasmine Davis announced via Twitter that she has quit the Showtime series and will not be returning for the fifth season. Her tweet suggested that her exit from the series was due to Disney's involvement in the production, as reported by TVLine.

Is there a episode 11 of The Chi?

The Chi - Season 2 Episode 11: Foe 'Nem - Metacritic.

Is Keisha and Kevin on The Chi related?

Kevin's older sister is a high school track star who, like any normal teenager testing independence, frequently finds herself with her over-protective mom. Kiesha and Kevin are close and she definitely has his back, and vice versa.

How old are the kids in The Chi?

Hibbert and Brown were both 12 when they started on the show, and are now 17. Epps, 11 at the launch, is now 16. Their characters are decidedly different. Kevin, who shows more academic potential than his pals and likes to flirt, lives with his mother, Nina, her wife, Dre, and his sister, Keisha.

Where do they film The Chi?

The popular Showtime series 'The Chi,' filmed in Chicago is about to launch Season 5!

Does Disney own The Chi?

Disney owns 20th Television, which is involved in the production and/or distribution of The Chi, which is a part of Disney's television division.

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